Bahía Sin Vida

by Yoko Temple



released December 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Yoko Temple Cardiff, UK

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Track Name: Become A God
Sometimes I ask myself why,
I don't always tell a lie,
but when I do,
It's always for you.

One step at a time,

Become A God.
Track Name: Soñar Amigo
Imagine needing a friend,
one that you just still don't know
known you all their life
been ignoring all the signs

I've seen you
in a dream I had last night
You held me
Everything, it felt just right

Do you exist in a dream?
please can you give me a sign?
is this reality?
Are you theirs or are you mine?

Dream friend
my dream friend

I've seen you
in a dream I had last night
You held me
Everything, it felt just right
Track Name: Ego Death
Hibernate to mars
colonise the sand
take away from my atmosphere
leave a mark in my atmosphere

all the noises and all the sounds

safe to say we're home
travelling alone

all the noises and all the sounds
Track Name: Lakeside
The camp that called to meet
everybody right by the lake
the fire longs to be
my fingers feel the furns

Life is very dear
with our friends near

A turning cog, mm
that's how i felt
the dreamer night
orions belt

it sets off through the weed
it tells me what a sight
the sky is infinite
underneath the family tree

Life is very dear
with our friends near
Track Name: Copacetic
Say you wanna run from me
take it all and all for free
no advice i'd take from her
everything i need is here

you're all alone
it's for the best
i'm going home
it's all a mess

It's copacetic in my life.
Track Name: Lizards Prints
These prints our makers
These lizards prints

and jesus comes through,
his master plan

Gotta keep things in focus
gotta front face in the mirror
takes me back when we eroded
in the stars people are clouded

(have you ever fucked in space?)

Pyramids falling down
all the books burned to the ground
Pyramids falling down
life is full of pesticide
Track Name: The Goodness Of Your Heart
Ahhhh the pig

We all just wanna be free
not shackled up in this cage
does anyone hear my plea
before I feel this rage

someone let me out
from the goodness of your heart
we can scream and shout
find it in your heart

Between you and me
I died a long time ago
and now that I can see
The world it spins so slow
Track Name: The Space In Your Eyes
I've got a cosmic feeling inside of me
You're burning up my soul
My brain is bending time and it's in space again
You're running out of control

out of control

I see the space in your eyes
we fall right through them

It's wrong that I remember where I came
No sight no sound no noise
A song it exits like a burning flame
the happiness and joy

the happiness and joy

The trees that grew up all around my mind
they keep me warm at night
i burn them down at every seed i find
it leaves me fight or flight

fight or flight